Avisi Technologies Featured at LSI’s 2024 US Emerging Medtech Summit in Keynote Presentation

Avisi Technologies featured at LSI’s 2024 US Emerging Medtech Summit. Dr. Catherine Mohr delivers the keynote presentation.

Summary of Avisi Involvement as Presenting Company 2024 and 2023 Panel Representation

Avisi Technologies returned to the 2024 US Emerging Medtech Summit with updates about the development of VisiPlate, a nanotechnology-enabled aqueous shunt for the treatment of glaucoma. Avisi generated buzz in the Life Science Intelligence (LSI) community by announcing exclusive clinical data, showing promising results from their clinical trial of VisiPlate. Avisi has been involved with LSI’s Emerging Medtech Summit for several years and was invited as a panelist in 2023 for a Next Generation: Founders and CEOs roundtable. A full recording of the roundtable discussion can be found at MedTech, The Next Generation, Founder and CEO’s.

Dr. Catherine Mohr’s Keynote

The conference began with a talk by the keynote speaker, one of Avisi’s Board Directors, Catherine Mohr, MD, MSME. Dr. Mohr discussed her experience as a medical technology entrepreneur and innovator. Dr. Mohr gave the inside story of the inception, hurdles, and ultimate success of Intuitive Surgical. Intuitive Surgical [ISRG] is a company that advances minimally invasive care by developing robotics and software tools to benefit healthcare systems worldwide. They work closely and collaboratively with their customers to help achieve better outcomes, better care team experiences, better patient experiences, and lower care costs. 

Dr. Mohr’s take-home message of this “29-year overnight success story” is that solving a wicked problem sometimes only requiresan elegant solution. In her experience at Intuitive, they would ask themselves, as new technologies emerged, “where can we apply these technologies to the laundry list of gaps we have, gaps between what the doctor wishes to do for their patients and what they can do today?” According to Dr. Mohr, , figuring out that answer is the key to solving the “wicked problem” in a winning way, regardless of the time and challenges inherent to the innovation journey.

Avisi Technologies CEO VisiPlate Presentation

Avisi’s Pitch Presentation

Following Dr. Mohr’s remarks, the pitch presentation segment for the day began. Avisi’s Founder and CEO, Rui Jing Jiang, gave a presentation highlighting the clinical success of VisiPlate. Ms. Jiang shared exclusive data that had recently been shared by Avisi’s Scientific Advisor, Eydie Miller-Ellis, MD, at the 2024 American Glaucoma Society’s Annual Meeting and inaugural Glaucoma Innovation Summit. The upward momentum of Avisi’s clinical success and company milestone progress sparked many follow-up meetings with the CEO after her presentation. A post from the Founder and CEO of LSI, Scott Pantel doubles down on a previous statement about new companies being led by innovative leaders. He remarked, “They may not have multiple exits (yet), but it is CEOs like David Narrow, Rui Jing Jiang, Kevin Rocco, Yuval Mandelbaum, and Jayon Wang that are making investors think twice about taking a pass.”

 MedTech, The Next Generation, Founder and CEO’s.


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